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The Sidemen get roasted in this . Enjoy!

Huge thanks to our guests:

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  1. Harams Bae
    Harams Bae
    Před hodinou

    There's a hell of a lot of sniffing happening on the mic.

  2. Potato Playzz
    Potato Playzz
    Před 2 hodinami

    The sidemen laughing on the outside and dieing on the inside

  3. Erik
    Před 2 hodinami

    Torenhoge energiekosten

  4. Reeves Stanleyg
    Reeves Stanleyg
    Před 2 hodinami

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  5. GhostMP4
    Před 3 hodinami


  6. Dave Jackson
    Dave Jackson
    Před 5 hodinami

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    Grant Owenb
    Před 7 hodinami

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    Michelle Short
    Před 8 hodinami

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    Elliot Julia
    Před 8 hodinami

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  10. Dark Diaz
    Dark Diaz
    Před 9 hodinami

    Imagine if phil/rafe was there💀

  11. Korbin Joyce
    Korbin Joyce
    Před 9 hodinami

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  12. CN More
    CN More
    Před 9 hodinami

    Tobi (-_- ) ---> (0-0) 0:50

  13. gubguhe rakurdim
    gubguhe rakurdim
    Před 10 hodinami

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  14. DJ Brown
    DJ Brown
    Před 10 hodinami

    I feel like it’s our duty to get this video to a mil likes lmao.

  15. Owen Kaylee
    Owen Kaylee
    Před 12 hodinami

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  16. Ahmed Dhaibi vlogs
    Ahmed Dhaibi vlogs
    Před 12 hodinami

    Wow it’s already been 3 years since the Christmas incident

  17. Parker Essential
    Parker Essential
    Před 14 hodinami

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  18. suhcege tagihtic
    suhcege tagihtic
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  19. Yaseen Saqib
    Yaseen Saqib
    Před 16 hodinami

    Hmmm..each and every one of them is being abused..whether its simon's girl or ethans' mom.. how is that even funny..we just have lost ourselves and have literally become one of animals.. morality, grace are just leftout names

  20. Yaseen Saqib
    Yaseen Saqib
    Před 16 hodinami

    Ok so at 10:10 he said i can tell u harry perfectly knows where the line is...this joke was sarcastic or indirect please explain ..i need ti know

  21. Jai Dhillon
    Jai Dhillon
    Před 18 hodinami

    Is it just me who can’t stand jack mate

  22. Harry Davies
    Harry Davies
    Před 19 hodinami

    Phil sholda been in this

  23. itsmenaeee
    Před 20 hodinami

    i literally didn’t know it was harry that kicked the ball at his moms face until yesterday and i saw that video a while ago

    1. Amelia and Ethan Bristow
      Amelia and Ethan Bristow
      Před 18 hodinami

      Ur sad

  24. chicken playz
    chicken playz
    Před 21 hodinou

    If we knew more about tobi I feel he would of got more roasts than he had here

  25. Medical Vlogger
    Medical Vlogger
    Před 23 hodinami

    I didn't get the part at 9:50. Anyone willing to help me?

    1. Medical Vlogger
      Medical Vlogger
      Před 11 hodinami

      @Josh Leader Ahh... the vein. Gotcha. Ty, mate :)

    2. Josh Leader
      Josh Leader
      Před 21 hodinou

      Saying he doesn’t know where the line is for jokes meaning he takes some too far being offensive but also a line is known as drugs which everyone says he does

  26. Khalada Ahmed
    Khalada Ahmed
    Před dnem

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  27. KTube
    Před dnem

  28. Floris Rooijackers
    Floris Rooijackers
    Před dnem

    Why do nigirians have such a funny laugh

  29. Ricky Reji
    Ricky Reji
    Před dnem

    The Avicii joke went too far bruh

  30. Charles Noob
    Charles Noob
    Před dnem

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  31. Rohan blaze
    Rohan blaze
    Před dnem

    we need the roast of sidemen 2

  32. Mike Rea
    Mike Rea
    Před dnem

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  33. Lazyy
    Před dnem

    as usual, stephen tries was the funniest person in the room

  34. bob fredricks
    bob fredricks
    Před dnem

    I come back to this like every 2 weeks it’s too funny

    Před dnem

    Why does ever pick on Talia as if she were to be Vikkstar sister

  36. James Heffernan123
    James Heffernan123
    Před dnem

    anyone notice how viddal never laughs at mum or dad jokes??

  37. Ed Sibz
    Ed Sibz
    Před dnem


  38. YkChimpz
    Před dnem

  39. John Castillo
    John Castillo
    Před dnem

    Did KSI actually hit his mum?

  40. Aero Reynoso
    Aero Reynoso
    Před dnem

    I liked the video but god is real

  41. LOOKSIE “tracks”
    LOOKSIE “tracks”
    Před dnem

    didnt even realise vik was there

  42. Shaylee Anderson
    Shaylee Anderson
    Před dnem

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  43. Van Huynh
    Van Huynh
    Před dnem

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    huey ho
    Před dnem

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  45. Fakeeer
    Před dnem

    The best Sidemen Sunday... Omg... Felt bad for Ethan

  46. xy z
    xy z
    Před 2 dny

    Why the comments section always more interesting than the videos!

  47. Finn Sievert
    Finn Sievert
    Před 2 dny

    This is probably my fav Video ever on YT 😍😂

  48. Aaron Jerry
    Aaron Jerry
    Před 2 dny

    We need one more

  49. Aaron Jerry
    Aaron Jerry
    Před 2 dny

    This video is a straight out BANGER! 😂😂

  50. Δημήτρης Σφήκας
    Δημήτρης Σφήκας
    Před 2 dny

    Jack killed it

  51. kordeje qejekjim
    kordeje qejekjim
    Před 2 dny

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  52. Kendra Mckinney
    Kendra Mckinney
    Před 2 dny

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  53. Parker Essential
    Parker Essential
    Před 2 dny

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  54. Joel Kwek
    Joel Kwek
    Před 2 dny

    we miss manny

  55. Quick Bots
    Quick Bots
    Před 2 dny

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  56. OSAMA
    Před 2 dny

    Lmao I’m dead 13:05

  57. Burgerdab 21
    Burgerdab 21
    Před 2 dny

    21:50 thought he would've said "maybe they can try to find Ethan's dad"

  58. Jack Simmons
    Jack Simmons
    Před 2 dny

    These are quality!

  59. Yung Zio
    Yung Zio
    Před 2 dny

    Callux was on smoke😭

  60. Hi
    Před 2 dny


  61. Tim McDaniel
    Tim McDaniel
    Před 2 dny

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  62. Dr. Downs
    Dr. Downs
    Před 2 dny

    Nobody Audio quality in end of video: Aight Imma head out peace

  63. Opium Toilet
    Opium Toilet
    Před 2 dny

    i lost my entire family in a bombing run by the US military 😂😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😆

  64. chathur ravanikar
    chathur ravanikar
    Před 2 dny

    who is talia?

    1. Lohco
      Před dnem

      miniminters GF

  65. hooman
    Před 2 dny


  66. Alex Buckley
    Alex Buckley
    Před 3 dny

    Me watching this after the ksi and logan paul fight like ooooffff that did not age well

  67. Irin Georgetine
    Irin Georgetine
    Před 3 dny

    When deji comes in and say: EY YO, THATS BONKERS MY GUY XD XD XD 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 3:10

  68. Masked assassin
    Masked assassin
    Před 3 dny

    Next one sidemen roast there friends/girlfriends

  69. luke mifsud
    luke mifsud
    Před 3 dny

    I had to come back after that harry comment on Vidal's face.

  70. Boyce Woods
    Boyce Woods
    Před 3 dny

    The infamous opera superiorly terrify because bail infrequently complain sans a messy mexico. cooperative, cut transmission

  71. CYPH
    Před 3 dny

    “my favourite sideman is vic , as id call him by his full name victim” Dayum🔥

  72. Rain_slurp
    Před 3 dny

    This is one of the classics of CStree

  73. Ro
    Před 3 dny

    Y’all know they are sensitive when they wouldn’t get anyone good to flame em

  74. hazza brooksy
    hazza brooksy
    Před 3 dny

    Good thing Phil wasn't in the roast because he would destroy them

  75. d3rr1c
    Před 3 dny

    i want to see them do a sidemen compliments video

  76. Delaruski Digital
    Delaruski Digital
    Před 3 dny

    ive been a sidemen fan for a year and i watched at the begining of quarintine and re watchng it today.Ive literally watched damn near everything and now all of these jokes hit so much different

  77. yousef abo goush
    yousef abo goush
    Před 3 dny

    I am officially addicted to this video, someone send help.

  78. Bosko
    Před 3 dny


  79. Hotpanda 122
    Hotpanda 122
    Před 3 dny

    Every couple months I come back to this vids makes me crease every single time.

  80. woahgary
    Před 3 dny

    The jokes about Ethan’s dad make me upset

  81. Andrew North
    Andrew North
    Před 3 dny

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  82. rome roma
    rome roma
    Před 3 dny

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  83. Soumyajit Majumder
    Soumyajit Majumder
    Před 3 dny

    What does Dig Up Avicci means? Didnt get that from Callux

  84. Clowzy
    Před 3 dny

    The roast of the sidemen 2

  85. — N
    — N
    Před 4 dny

    22:32 literally *no one* : JJ: aaaaAAAAAA

  86. Uroosa baloch
    Uroosa baloch
    Před 4 dny

    Harry is hideing for calzy

  87. Summers life
    Summers life
    Před 4 dny

    Awe 🥺 everytime Simon gets roasted he looks at the floor or his feet

  88. Summers life
    Summers life
    Před 4 dny

    They neeeeeed to do this again

  89. vasper
    Před 4 dny

    They should do part 2, this is hilarious

  90. bg sw
    bg sw
    Před 4 dny

    The awful society elderly hum because rose wessely add outside a peaceful dead. impossible, hoc tail

  91. bg sw
    bg sw
    Před 4 dny

    The brash underclothes apparently clear because fat intradurally time at a obsequious shell. mushy, outrageous town

  92. Ethan Campbell
    Ethan Campbell
    Před 4 dny

    2:50 Call a crossfire with Talia LMAO

  93. James Bond
    James Bond
    Před 4 dny

    What did jake mean what he mentioned about Ethan weight loss and then made a joke about harry bedside

    1. Karl Cummins
      Karl Cummins
      Před 3 dny

      Ethan was talking about 30kg weight, jack said it was 30kg drugs

  94. Andres
    Před 4 dny

    Callux and freezy, the highlights

  95. Trenton Brooks
    Trenton Brooks
    Před 4 dny

    Steven tries actually did really good

    1. Trenton Brooks
      Trenton Brooks
      Před 4 dny

      @TSB anybody could always mess it up or do something bad

    2. TSB
      Před 4 dny

      Cuz he's a comedian

  96. Altin Zatriqi
    Altin Zatriqi
    Před 4 dny

    my respect for viddal 📈